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January 19, 2022 by Trip Valet

Our Features

  • Best Rates Guaranteed
  • Fixed Pricing in Any Season
  • Affordable & Pocket-Friendly Pricing
  • High-Value Proposition
  • Simplified Memberships
  • Simplified Booking
  • Credibility
  • Transparency

Our Benefits

  • No AMC (No Maintenance & Utility Charges)
  • 50 + Destinations
  • No Seasonal Variations
  • Top Up & Upgrade Option
  • Block Your Special Day in Advance
  • Gifting Option
  • Ownership Change Option
  • 2+ Tie Up Properties in Every Destination

Other Benefits

  • Carry Forwarding Option
  • Multiple Room Booking Option
  • Discounts & Add-On Benefits
  • Dedicated & Customer-Friendly Hotelier
  • Dedicated & Customer-Friendly Service Team
  • Easy to Book Through Our Web
  • Referral Income & Gift Vouchers
  • Luxury & Premium Rooms

We CLUB TRAVALET are different from other time share companies

Nominal price
Its not a seasonal product
Its not a seasonal product
No price variation in season and off season
More chance to get room in customer demand
No Amc
Add on cash voucher benefits at the time of trips
Block special dates in advance
Gifting Room options available
Carry forward to next year
Referal income or benefits available
Huge Price
Seasonal Product
Seasonal Product
Price variation according to season
Less chance to get room in their demand
Most of them charge amc
No cash voucher
No options for Block special dates in advance
Gifting Room options not available
Most of them not giving
Not available