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TVTRIPNSTAY HOLIDAYS PVT LTD launching a time share related product called CLUB TRAVALET. Time share as “the money payed in advance, the service is enjoyed in installments”. CLUB TRAVALET is one of the best option for time share business because “we know your way”. most of the time share business holders are targeting the upper class customers. In the current circumstances, middle class or lower middle class peoples are not able to afford a pre planned vacation. In our concept, this is the solution for all the above difficulties. it is affordable to all class of people. The concept is easy to convince the common man. There is no seasonal difference in pricing and other facilities. we can offer minimal entry cost to our product. This is help to middle class and lower middle class people to plan their vacation trips even one year before.Through this concept, we can offer common tariffs to entire country. This helps to common man to travel everywhere without any compromise. 

Additional supporting offers are helps to the customers for enjoy their trip.Through this concept, we are ensuring the best accommodation to the customers and help to organize their trip.Most of the time share business firms are operating through own or lease property. In the case of our project we are operating through tie-up with two or more property in all destination this help the members more chance to get room at the time of their demand . This model help us to provide more hotels and destinations to the members.

Our Benefits:-

Travel The Best Of India With The Best Tourism Assistance.

It is said that India is a home to great unparalleled traditions. The spirituality of India, Ayurveda, Indian Music, Indian Food and Indian Fabric and Attire, are those aspects which India can really be proud of and those which no other country can ever own. As Indian, many domestic tourists are bound to cherish and honor these aspects and take pride of their country.  It gives Club TraValet great pleasure to exhibit Indians the true Indian culture and tradition.

CLUB TRAVALET offers vivid vacations and awe-inspiring experiences like never before. Our world class itinerary creates a lifetime of memories.We ensure through our membership products:-

  • Best rates guaranteed
  • Fixed pricing in any season
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly rates
  • High value proposition
  • Simply memberships and booking
  • Credibility & Transparency

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